First, connect your Facebook or Google Ads account. If you don’t have one yet, please obtain one in order to use Adext AI.

Once you connect your ad accounts, Adext AI will have access and authorization to optimize the ad sets/groups you choose and the data it has gathered. You need to have at least one campaign already on your ad accounts.

Don’t worry, your advertising data is safe since Adext AI uses the best cyber security practices and has SSL certificates as a Premier Partner by Facebook and Google. 

After connecting your accounts just click on the "New Smart Campaign" button in the side menu.

Afterwards you'll be asked to:

  1. Name Your Smart Campaign: choosing a name will help you recognize your Smart Campaign. This won’t alter your original name, it’s just to identify it within Adext. 
  2. Select the ad groups/sets for your Smart Campaign: you can select one, several or all the ad groups/sets of your campaign. When doing so, take into consideration the minimum daily budget required per ad group by Adext AI, and make sure that they share the same optimization period as previously mentioned. You can use the check or uncheck all buttons or select them one by one.
  3. Assign the optimization period and schedules: you need to choose a range of dates for your smart campaigns to run. After finishing your dates, click on the submit button and wait for your Compatibility Report. Consider that Facebook or Google may take up to 24 hours to approve the campaigns.
  4. Review your Compatibility Report to launch your first Smart Campaign: If you have compatibility issues it could be for several reasons. One is that your campaigns or ad groups aren’t supported by Adext. To identify the ones with issues, check on each of the following tabs: campaign, ad group and ads, the ones that aren’t supported will appear in red. When you are clear of compatibility issues in all of the 3 tabs, a green check mark will appear in each one of the tabs and the submit smart campaign button will be enabled.


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