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How do I create a new Smart Campaign?
How do I create a new Smart Campaign?
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First, connect your Meta or Google Ads account. If you don’t have one yet, please obtain one in order to use Adext AI.

Once you connect your Ad Accounts, Adext AI will have access and authorization to read the data it'll gather to optimize the ad sets of your choice. You need to have at least one active campaign already on your ad accounts. Your advertising data is safe since Adext AI uses the best cybersecurity practices and has SSL certificates as a Premier Partner by Meta and Google.

After connecting your accounts just click on the "New Smart Campaign" button on the side menu.

Before launching with adext, make sure you follow this checklist.

If your campaigns are not ready to be launched, click here.

The Step by Step of launching your Smart Campaign👇

1. Choose your campaign goal and if you want to use "Auto-Amplify", or "Amplify"

2. Select the ad sets for your Smart Campaign

You can select one, several, or all the ad sets of your campaign. When doing so, please note that the minimum daily budget required per audience is 2 USD, and make sure that they share the same optimization period. You can use the check or uncheck all buttons or select them one by one. Your campaigns must be active so you don´t have any issues when launching.

🤖 👉 IMPORTANT! Choose the ad sets that have given you the best results so that Adext can feed on good quality data and exploit those results to the fullest. Verify that the campaign and ad sets selected are active and approved by the platform you're using (Google or Meta) since it can not work with paused Ads.

3. Assign the optimization period and schedules

Select the optimization period time. Take into account two days minimum to achieve the exploration confidence during the exploration phase. Then, name your Smart Campaign. Choose if you want to pause or not, your original Ad Sets. It is highly recommended for you to pause your original campaign as we have seen cannibalization cases between the original and Adext AI campaigns.

With Auto Amplify 👇

If you chose Auto Amplify review and create the selection of the KPI you want Adext to focus on, considering your campaign goal. Choose the AI Model that best fits with your optimization strategy.

For Starters, we evolved a new framework that explores the top 4 performing audiences in our history reducing the minimum daily budget needed from $20 to only $8*.

*Remember the most appropriate minimum daily budget is calculated from your original CPA.

For marketers that want to go further Venture and Core Plans have 6 additional audiences to explore.

With Amplify 👇

Select the audiences you want Adext to explore. You can optionally choose which audiences to exclude according to your campaign settings. Learn more about How does Adext AI work? Explore and Amplify.

4. Check your Compatibility Report

Once you've reached this step, Adext will create a Compatibility Report to make sure the ads selected can run with our algorithms. You'll be notified via email when it’s ready.

If you have compatibility issues click here to figure out how to solve them. It could be for several reasons. One is that your campaigns or ad sets aren’t supported by Adext. To identify the ones with issues, check on each of the following tabs: campaign, ad sets, and ads, the ones that aren’t supported will appear with a red blinking icon.

When you are clear of compatibility issues in all of the 3 tabs, a green checkmark will appear in each one of the tabs and the "Submit Smart Campaign" button will be enabled.

Before you finalize the launch, please choose the plan that best suits your needs regarding what you want to spend on adext. See more of our pricing here.

Then you´re done! 👏 Your campaign is ready to be optimized with real AI algorithms! 🤖

Next up: After you've submitted your campaign and launched it, your Smart Campaigns will start the exploration phase, read more about our AI tool Explore AI here to find out what will happen with your campaign.

If after launching you see this annoying pop-up👇

My apologies in advance 😅, it means that you have not yet validated your email account. This step is crucial. It helps us confirm you are the account owner and that your data is safe. Please, go to your inbox and open the email called ¨Validate your account¨ that you must have recently received from Adext. If you don’t see it in your main box, check your “junk,” “spam” and “other” folders.

After clicking on the button within the email we will send you, you will have to log in again for security reasons.

In case the email account you fill in at the beginning is incorrect, don't worry, you can change it by clicking on the purple edit button on the right side of the email.

And then what?...

From this point on, the AI will extract, analyze, clone, and prepare all your data with which it will work to optimize your campaigns. Once your campaign is activated, Adext will start the exploration phase. This process takes approximately 2 days for Adext to find your best-performing audiences. At this phase, it is likely that some costs will rise as the goal is to find and explore your best audiences and not to optimize your KPIs... yet...

Once this phase has been completed, your exploration confidence will reach 80% and your Smart Campaign will be ready to Amplify. It is at this phase that the AI starts to focus specifically on the KPI performance you indicate and will be optimizing it with the machine learning model of your choice. Here is where the optimization process happens, you can iterate with the different Adext AI models and see which one gives you the best results!

If you need to edit an ad set or any of its ads that Adext AI is actively managing, please read carefully this article that contains what you should take into account and the steps you must follow.

Are you ready to become an AI marketeer 🤖🤓?


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