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Must I have a minimum daily budget available?
Must I have a minimum daily budget available?
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Yes, Adext requires a minimum budget to give you the best results.

Our algorithms require a minimum of USD $2 per audience to explore per day to work.

Your original metrics are a good starting point for calculating the minimum budget.

This formula can help you calculate a more suitable budget:

Daily Budget= (Average CPA) x (AdSet/group connected) x (number of audiences to explore)

Minimum budgets are based on a daily amount, for example, your minimum budget for each ad group/set a day can range from $1, $5 or $40 USD, according to Facebook and Google restrictions.

A. For impressions, it needs a daily budget of at least $1 a day.

B. For clicks, Likes, video views, or post engagement, its daily budget must be at least $5 a day.

C. For low-frequency events like offer claims or app installs, its budget must be at least $40 a day.

For Adext your daily minimum is multiplied to cover the budget of each one of Adext’s clones created during the exploration stage. This can vary from: $40.00 USD, $200 or $800, per day.

If you choose "Other currencies", your daily minimum budget will be multiplied by $0.5, $2.5, and $20 USD, meaning $20.00, $100.00, and $400.00 USD per day.

Currency Chart for Explore AI

To calculate your minimum daily budget for Adext use the table above to look for the currency you are on and define in which letter of the billing is your advertising campaign in (A, B or C, as explained above). This is your formula: Minimum Daily Budget =(Billing Factor)*AMDBF*Xdays. After you have the billing factor determined, multiply it by 20 and by the number of days you are programing your campaign. This is your formula for this part: Minimum Daily Budget =(A||B||C)*AMDBF*Xdays

Currency Chart for Amplify

To calculate your minimum daily budget with Adext on Amplify you go through the same process but taking into account that to run Amplify you have to select at least 3 audiences. Therefore, you’ll have to multiply by 2 and by the number of audiences selected (minimum 2, maximum 10). If you have any questions please let us know or visit us at

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