First, open an account on the following link:

Then, you will be taken to the Settings section where you will find the Meta and Google cards to connect your advertising platforms.

Here you will have three different card status:

White card: No account connected.

Green card: Account successfully connected.

Yellow card: Set up pending status. You need to click on the "Add Accounts" button to choose the Ad accounts you will grant access to Adext.

Now, let's start!

Connect your Meta and/or Google Ads accounts. In order for the Adext AI App to connect to your advertising accounts, you’ll need to give the corresponding permissions on both platforms, or on the one you’ve chosen. Afterward, you will be able to choose which ad accounts you authorize Adext permission to access.

Select the account you want to connect to (you can connect both if you like). After you select the account you want to connect you will see a "Launch a Smart Campaign!" button. 

In the ¨Add Accounts¨ section, you can order them by clicking on ¨Sort by¨. Move all accounts with a single click on ¨Move all¨. You also have a search bar to facilitate the search for a specific account, or if you wish, you can also clear the entire selection by clicking on ¨Clear all¨.

I want to add or remove Ad Accounts

If you wish to return to this screen to add or remove more accounts, you can do so directly in the Settings section by clicking on Add Accounts within the corresponding card.

My account has a gray rocket, and I can't deselect it.

Once you have launched campaigns with one of your accounts, you will notice that this account will be grayed out and marked with a rocket icon. You will not be able to remove it from the account selection as this would break the connection with the campaign previously launched. If you need to remove one account with campaigns launched, please contact us through our chat to guide you in the process.

Next up: To find out about the next step read our article on How to Create a Smart Campaign here.


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