Before you start optimizing your campaigns with AI, make sure you fulfill the following checklist to get the most out of Adext AI:

1. You have a Meta or Google Ads Account.

2. You have active campaigns and your Ads status is marked as approved by Meta or Google.

3. Your campaign has clear goals to achieve. Click here to know more about Meta campaign goals and here to know more about Google campaign goals.

4. You know the main digital marketing KPIs (CPA, CPC, ROAS, Conversions, CPM, Clicks, Impressions, CPL) in order to measure and analyze your campaign performance. Click here to know a little bit more about these metrics.

5. You have defined your campaign’s KPIs, so you can tell the AI what to optimize against in order to achieve your campaign goals

6. You have a monthly ad spend budget of more than 1,200 USD, as Adext needs at least 2 USD per day per audience. Learn more about the minimum budget required.

7. You have a clear strategy, and all you need is an AI to optimize your campaigns

If after reading this article you feel your campaigns are not ready to be optimized, don't worry! Click here! 😉

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