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My campaigns are not ready to be optimized.
My campaigns are not ready to be optimized.

Don't worry, we can support you to set up your campaigns from scratch

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If you feel that your campaigns are not ready to be launched or optimized, or there are some bullets of this checklist that you haven't achieved yet, don’t worry!

You can choose a plan that includes chat or call support and ask for advice from one of our specialists.

You can jump all the setup process by clicking on the "Choose a plan" button in the lower-left corner.

They will help you create a solid digital strategy to start from clear marketing goals and set expectations, sales projections, campaign scope, support you with best practices to improve your creatives, among other things.

If you already have active campaigns, but results have not been as expected. We recommend that you choose a plan so you can have this specialized consulting and improve your strategy. Once your campaigns are ready, our team of specialists will help you launch your campaigns with adext and lead you from hand to hand so that later you will be able to leave optimizing the AI 24/7.

If you have any doubt please email us at [email protected] or drop us a line through our chat.

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