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If you have reached this milestone it is because your Smart Campaign has probably already reached at least 80% of the "Exploration period". This means that Adext has already found the best audiences for your smart campaign and it is Ready to Amplify! Learn more about Phase 1: Explore AI.

To Amplify your smart campaign just follow these steps:

1. In the AI Performance Results section of your dashboard select the demographics (minimum 2) that have had the best performance according to the KPI you are most interested in according to your campaign objectives.

Repeat the action with all the ad sets you'd want to Amplify and consider that if your Smart Campaign has CBA ON, you must have at least two ad sets with 2 demographics to Amplify your campaign.

2. Click on the Amplify button located at the top right of the above-mentioned section.

3. Choose if you want to Amplify your campaign "by ad set" or "by audience" (if you have selected different demographics per ad set, then you should select "by ad set" if you want it to always consider the same demographics for all the ad sets, then select "by audience").

4. Choose the KPI you want the AI to focus on according to your campaign strategy. This step is very important as the AI model will make all budget allocation decisions according to the selected KPI. Our AI takes multiple variables into consideration when making decisions, however, the greatest weight will be given to this specific KPI.

5. Set up your budgets. If you have CBA ON you will be able to assign just the total budget as CBA also optimize budgets between ad sets, if you have CBA OFF, then you will be able to assign daily budgets to each ad set.

6. Choose the AI Model that best fits your optimization strategy:


This model needs a lot of data to work and in order to boost the campaign or ad with the best results, it does simulations to gather more data. It needs to see the distribution of probability that each ad has (exploration) and select the one with the highest probability of being the best one, based on the data obtained. It needs more time than other Adext’s models to find which ads are winning and which ones are losing.

It's best to use the Discovery model when you: Want Adext to run your campaigns in an exploration mode, are willing to give Adext AI more time to gather enough data, or, want to run a longer campaign.


This model will focus on which ad has the best performance and focus on that one, exploiting it as much as possible. This model is recommended for shorter campaigns when you have little time to run them since you can iterate quicker than with other Adext’s models.

It's best to use the Jackpot model when you: Want Adext to find and boost the top-performing audiences quickly, want to run a shorter campaign (e.g. Black Friday), or, need to get conversions faster and not focus only on CPA.


This model needs more time to learn since it’s based on learning by reinforcement. It gathers its learning from “experience”, focusing on losing and winning rewards or punishments. For example, it has 10 possibilities to select the audiences, but if it selects one that didn’t have a positive result, its reward is lower than if it selects one that had a good performance, this way its start to choose the best-performing ones only.

It's best to use the Challenge model when you: Have mid to longer duration campaigns, want to boost the best-performing audiences and cut the losses on other audiences, limiting the budget, or, want to focus on what is working, hence, delivering your ads only to certain audiences.

Then, it´s done! Your Smart Campaign has been Amplified 🚀

Once your SC has been amplified, you will have the peace of mind that your budgets will be modified according to the performance of your audiences. If at any time you wish to apply another optimization strategy you can edit the AI model whenever you wish, just remember that AI learns over time and the longer it runs the better results it will get. To read about how to Edit in Amplify click here.

-When your Smart Campaign has been amplified you will see in your Amplify Tab only the metrics of the amplified Ad Sets. You can identify them because they will have the Amplify logo.

-If you want to see the historic data of the amplified Ad Sets and of the Ad Sets that are on exploration, consult them in the Explore AI tab.

Any questions? Please let us know through our chat icon.

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