What is Explore AI?
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Explore AI is an Adext AI tool that focuses on exploring dynamic audiences to find the best-performing ones for each one of your ads or/and campaigns. This is the first phase that is needed to optimize your campaign, because it is through the exploration process that Adext can pinpoint the best performing audiences, and after it has found them you can move on to using Amplify, Adext AI tool that boosts your ads further with different machine learning models. Read more on Amplify here.

Adext's AI goal is to find the best demographics for any ad. It does this by automatically setting budgets for different micro demographic (you can select a minimum of 4) segments and when it finds a segment that performs well (converts more), it starts to exploit those segments by assigning more budget to them and less budget to lower converting segments.

Through a method called Transfer-Learning Adext is able to perform each budget update per day for each of your ad sets, intelligently by learning from your ads and from every other ad it manages. This process is dynamic, meaning a demographic that converts the best this afternoon for a given ad, might not be the same segment that converts the best tomorrow morning, so Adext AI adapts every hour; always looking for the best audience segments for your ads.

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