What is a Compatibility Report?
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After you select your Smart Ad Sets and submit them we'll notify you if we find compatibility issues in your accounts, campaigns, Ad Sets or ads, this is what we call a Compatibility Report.

We’ll validate Adext’s compatibility with your ad sets and show your compatibility report with your item’s status. You can fix any ad issues in your platform, either by removing Ad Sets or continue with the ones that are ready to be submitted.

Remember, Adext AI supports all types of campaigns for Meta, not only conversion ones. Just check if your campaigns don’t have any paused, archived or empty ads before selecting them because if you do Adext AI won’t be able to work with them. For more information consult our other article on Ad Configuration Limitations.

Step by step:

  1. Look for your report on the Compatibility Report list

Most likely, you’ll find your compatibility report in a “Started” status, if it’s recent. Click on the “+” icon and afterwards click on refresh to see if it’s ready.

2. Check your Compatibility Report

If it’s ready, there are two possibilities: the first is that the report shows a “Ready to submit” status, this means there aren’t any compatibility issues in your ad set selection and that your Smart Campaign is ready to be submitted. Now you just need to check your campaign budgets, edit them if necessary and when ready just click “Submit Smart Campaign” and you are done.

When setting your budget, consider that we need at least $2 USD per audience, we recommend for it to be 4X that amount, or more so Adext can have enough data to improve your results. Learn more about the minimum budget here.

Note: CBA ON adjusts your total budgets automatically, and CBA OFF is on an ad set level.

The second is that it shows a “Compatibility issues” status. This means we found some in your ad sets, ads or even in your campaigns a configuration that isn’t compatible with Adext process. If this is the case, click on the "+" icon and you’ll see the main data of your configuration and the campaigns, ad sets, and ads tabs where you can identify with a red icon the compatibility issues we found and the error message it shows.

Most of the compatibility issues can be corrected directly in your platforms, just go that platform and change the configuration that is causing an error with the one of Adext.

Tip: To quickly find the compatibility issues, click on Filter my compatibility issues.

Afterward, go back to Adext and select the items to validate them again, or, you can also click directly on the revalidate icon one by one. If you don’t want to make these changes, you can also exclude the items that show the mistakes to continue with the launch of your Smart Campaign.

When all the items are validated, adjust the budgets according to your interest and when you are ready, click on "Submit Smart Campaign".

Another status you may find on your Compatibility Report:

Expired: The compatibility reports expire after 24 hours, to avoid the risk of finding changes in the data already gathered by the AI. If it took you longer to launch your Smart Campaign and you haven’t made any changes in the initial configuration of your campaign, just click on “Recheck compatibility”. If it’s necessary, adjust the dates of your optimization period to create a new report and continue with the launch process.

Submitted: Once you’ve launched your Smart Campaign, the status will change to submitted.

Editing Status

Ready to reactivate: Report without changes detected and ready to be reactivated.

Changes detected: If we detected important changes in your advertising platforms, we send the job to this status, explaining we can’t reactivate the Smart Campaign.

Reactivated: once you have reactivated your Smart Campaign, the status will change to reactivated.

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