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What is CBA (Campaign Budget Automation)?
What is CBA (Campaign Budget Automation)?
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CBA stands for Campaign Budget Automation, a feature available for you to use on your Adext Smart Campaigns. Watch this video to discover all about it:

You can decide to activate CBA or not, here are the main differences between the two:


Normally, the budget used by Adext AI is $2 USD for each demographic, this means there are up to 10 demographics per ad group/set which represents up to $20 USD a day, although it can also depend on your campaign setting.

When CBA is inactive, Adext AI divides the budget among those up to 10 clones or micro demographics of each ad group/set, searching for the KPI Top performer.  


Adext AI normally works like this: it assigns budget and makes decisions for its optimization, using micro demographic clones, searching for the top-performing one. 

Activating CBA will allow Adext AI to automatically manage the total budget of your Smart Campaign, deciding which Ad Groups to optimize, among the ones you’ve selected.  

Additionally, it will make budget decisions for the micro demographic clones. This way, Adext AI will be able to automatically boost the Smart Ad Groups that are performing best and will decrease the budget on those that are not doing so well. 

This means Adext AI will do a double optimization, since it’s applying it to the micro demographics or clones, and at the same time, making budget decisions with the ad groups of your Smart Campaign. 

CBA  works only if your Smart Campaign has more than two Ad Groups/Set selected. Also, CBA will be turned ON by default in all Adext AI Uplifted accounts to improve your results.


Consider that CBA works best when your Smart Campaigns are focused only on one product or service since the budget decisions made on the Smart Ad Groups will be for one category only. If your Smart Campaigns have more than one product or service, we suggest you separate each Smart Campaign by category before launching them, or, deactivate our CBA feature.


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