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What to do if I need to edit an Ad Set while Adext AI is managing it
What to do if I need to edit an Ad Set while Adext AI is managing it

Remember that Adext works with your data, so depending on what you need to edit, is the process you should follow 😉

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IMPORTANT: Adext AI will clone the ad set(s) you selected in order to manage separate budgets. But, it's very important that you do not directly edit these ad sets otherwise Adext AI may fail or worse, perform poorly which will waste your ad spend.

Adext AI uses your own ad accounts to manage your ad sets. As Adext AI manages your Smart Campaigns, it learns about the ads in your ad set, so if you edit them while Adext AI is running, it will eventually adjust (because it is always learning).

Here's how to edit when using Adext:

  1. If you want to edit images or copy, don't worry! just activate our Watcher feature and do it directly on your advertising platforms, because with Watcher every change you make on your original campaigns and within your advertising platforms on an ad level, will be shown on Adext automatically. Read more here: How to Edit Your Ads When Using Watcher

  2. If you want to pause or reactivate a Smart Campaign, please click here.

  3. If what you need is to edit your budget, date, or Machine Learning model, you can do it directly on Adext platform, depending on what phase of the exploration you are in. Read more here How to Edit with Explore AI and How to edit with Amplify.

  4. If you want to make a major change like adding a new ad or completely change one or more ads, make major changes to the ad set's configuration then consider doing the following to ensure the best performance:

-Before making the change, stop that Adext AI campaign (you only need to stop

the Smart Campaign for the ad group you're changing)

-Make the changes to your ad group/ads sets

-Create a new Smart Campaign in Adext AI for that ad group

To avoid Adext performing badly, we recommend you follow these instructions before it learns about the changes you made. Plus, if you change the configuration of an ad group then it may no longer be compatible with Adext AI and the Smart Campaigns will be canceled. Read more here: Why was my Smart Campaign canceled?

Following this process will ensure that Adext AI learns from the changes and ensure a better performance.


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