Increasing your Google Ads and Facebook Ads conversions by using Artificial Intelligence is now a reality thanks to Adext AI.

Here’s The Step By Step To Get Started With Adext AI

  1. Click on the “Sign up” button on the upper right corner, or on the button "Start using AI Today!" on our website.

2. Fill out the form with a valid email address, so that you’ll be able to sign back into the Adext platform later. 

Remember that by clicking on the "Start using Adext Today" button below the sign-up format you'll be agreeing to Adext's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

3. To continue with the process you’ll need to verify the email account you’ve just entered. Go to your inbox and open the email called ¨Validate your account¨ that you must have recently received from Adext. If you don’t see it in your main box, check your “junk,” “spam” and “other” folders.

4. Now you’ll be able to connect your Facebook and/or Google Ads accounts.  In order for the Adext AI App to connect to your advertising accounts, you’ll need to give the corresponding permissions on both platforms, or on the one you’ve chosen, depending on the case. How to connect my accounts?

5. Choose a plan according to your needs and add a payment method. You'll see a screen where you have to choose the variable fee of your preference. See our pricing.

6. Set up and launch your first Smart Campaign. First, choose the ad set(s) you want Adext to manage and optimize.

IMPORTANT! Choose the ad sets that have given you the best results so that adext can feed on good quality data and exploit those results to the fullest.

Adext AI requires the ad set campaign to be already approved and registered by the platform you're using (Google or Facebook) and be running previous to the connection to Adext AI since it can not work with paused Ads. Then select the ad sets you want Adext to manage.

7. Then, set the optimization period, Smart campaign name, and choose either if you want to pause the original campaign or not.

  • The minimum period to run a campaign is 2 days, and the maximum is 90 days. But if you want to truly experiment with the extend of what Adext can do we recommend you run your Smart Campaigns for at least 10 days, so Adext has more time to learn, gather data, and optimize what will work for your ads.
  • Adext needs some minutes to set up all your ad sets and start optimizing them, but don't worry you can tell the AI to launch As soon as possible or schedule a specific date.
  • After you submit your Smart Campaign you’ll see your Smart Ad Sets or Adext AI clones in your Facebook or Google ads manager.
  • The minimum budget required per ad set is $20 USD.


With our New feature Exclude Audiences, now you can exclude the demographics that don't work for your ads. Adext needs at least 6 demographics selected (you must choose at least one age, gender, and device demographic), so it can iterate with results and discover your best-performing audiences.

9. Then, you´ll be able to choose if you want to turn on or off our AI features CBA and Watcher. (If you don't see CBA enabled don't worry, not all ads are compatible with this feature).

10. Once you've reached this step you'll be dealing with the Compatibility of your ads to make sure they can be run by the platform. You'll be notified via email that your Compatibility Report is ready.

The Compatibility Report will tell you if there were any issues found. If you don't have issues, you'll be able to Submit your Smart Campaign and start running your ads with Adext AI.

11. After you've submitted your campaign and launched it, your Smart Campaigns will start the exploration phase, read more about our AI tool Explore AI here to find out what will happen with your campaigns.

If you need to edit an ad set or any of its ads that Adext AI is actively managing, please read carefully this article that contains what you should take into account and the steps you must follow. 

If you have any questions, please contact us through our chat.

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