Increasing your Google Ads and Facebook Ads conversions by using Artificial Intelligence is now a reality thanks to Adext AI.

Instead of exploring out audiences with each ad yourself, Adext AI will be in charge of finding the best audience for any ad, intelligently managing and optimizing your budget. This way, you’ll have more time to dedicate to the creative and strategic aspects or your campaign.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about how Adext AI will help you get the best creative advantage for your campaigns to better connect with your target audience and with potential audiences that you may not have considered before, and which could represent substantial income for your company.

Connecting Adext AI’s Advanced Artificial Intelligence To Your Accounts Is So Much Easier Than You Thought…

We know, all this talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), on top of it being “in” right now, usually seems like a complicated topic. But just let us deal with the hard part.

We want AdTech AI to be simple, transparent and risk-free for you.

  • Simple

Simple because the process to connect and deploy Adext’s AI takes less than 10 minutes. The platform itself will guide you through it and indicate what you need to do, as we’ll see below.

  • Transparent 

As you may know by now, Adext AI automatically manages ad budgets across demographics per ad at a cross-channel level (Facebook Ads+Google Ads), automatically updating the budget for each of these demographic segments, in every single ad that is being managed by Adext.

Yes. That’s about 480 intelligent adjustments for every ad, every day (an ad optimization scale that are not possible for humans alone). 

Additionally, it’s transparent because, unlike the platforms that claim to use Artificial Intelligence (AI), but never show you how it’s working or how it’s being implemented, with Adext you’ll be able to see directly from your Google and/or Facebook accounts all the activity and hourly adjustments made to the budgets of each demographic segment that Adext sets up for each ad. 

But you’ll also will be able to see the main performance indicators of your campaign on the platform’s dashboard.

And having read the above, we’re pretty sure you’ll be interested in this other article that goes over how to differentiate between real or fake AI, or better put, scammers.

  •  Secure

Secure for two main reasons:

1. Because Adext is compliant with the GDPR requirements and has a strict privacy policy

Adext doesn’t use Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to target audiences as explained here, so you won’t have to be concerned about relying on user’s profiles that will unavoidably degrade over time, or about having to delete older profiles as the GDPR requires.

It offers you the ability to dynamically explore and exploit audiences toward the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate (HSCR) using no PII, so successfully targeting customers at scale won’t be a problem anymore.

For more information, you can also read: How Adext Uses Your Advertising Data

2. Because it starts with data registered directly in Google Ads or Facebook

  • Is configured with a campaign conversion goal, like these ones.
  • Is correctly measuring the amount of conversions that are being generated by it. In other words, that your campaign or ad group have historical or previous conversion data registered directly in Google Ads or Facebook.
  • Is specific. This means that the ad group is for a specific product or service and doesn’t have ads for completely unrelated topics or categories on it.

Basically, what Adext will do is clone or copy the ad group that you’ve chosen and will manage it separately. We recommend that you allocate at least $500 USD to invest in Google and/or Facebook for this trial and that you let it run for at least 15 days to truly recognize what the fuss is all about…


So, Here’s The Step By Step To Get Started With Adext AI

  1. Visit our website by clicking here

2. Click on the “Sign up” box on the upper right corner, or on the button "Try Adext AI".

3. Fill out the form with your name, a valid email address, and a password so that you’ll be able to sign back into the Adext platform later. For the security of your account, this password should be at least 6 characters, include one letter in  lowercase, one in uppercase and a number

Remember that by clicking on the "Try Adext Today" button below the sign up format you'll be agreeing to Adext´s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

4. To continue with the process you’ll need to verify the email account you’ve just entered. 

5. Go to your inbox and open the email called Validate your account that you must have recently received from Adext. If you don’t see it in your main box, check your “junk,” “spam” and “other” folders, and once you've fond it click on the button that says, “Confirm your email address here!”

Please remember to click the “Safe”, “This message is not spam”, “Send to main inbox” or any other related option once you’ve found it. You should receive any of our other emails correctly after. 

6. By clicking on this button, you’ll be redirected to a screen where you’ll be able to connect your Facebook Ads and/or Google AdWords accounts. 

If you publish ads on both Facebook Ads and AdWords platforms, you can start by first connecting Facebook Ads, after this, you’ll be redirected to this same screen so that you can finish connecting your Google AdWords account.

This is what you’ll once you've connected an Ads Account for Adext to manage campaigns from:

7. In order for the Adext AI App to connect to your Facebook Ads and/or AdWords accounts, you’ll need to give the corresponding permissions on both platforms, or on the one you’ve chosen, depending on the case.

8. Now it’s time to  name your Smart Campaign.

But... What is a "Smart Campaign”?

We call the combination of ad groups that Adext AI manages a "Smart Campaign". 

There are two purposes for each "Smart Campaign": a) to increase the conversion rate of your ads and b) to find the best audience. While your "Smart Campaign" is running, you'll see exactly how much Adext is dedicating to each demographic and what is working better with which groups, which will help you refine your hypothesis, creatives and copy, while Adext is searching for the highest converting audience.

With an Adext, you'll be able to rapidly test your creative hypothesis while still ensuring you always get the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate (HSCR) for each of your ads. Surpassing the traditional A/B testing approach.

Tips On Naming Your Experiment!

We recommend naming your experiment with a name that you can quickly identify later on the platform. You can use the same name of the campaign or ad group that you already have on your platforms and that you want Adext’s AI to improve. Or even name it as the platform in question (either Google or Facebook) + the name of the specific promoted product, service or category + its campaign goal or conversion type. For example, “Facebook – Men’s Shoes – Sales conversions.”

9. In the next step, select the platform, account, campaign and ad group you want Adext to manage and optimize.

Remember only supports campaign formats that have a target of a specific conversion type, those that are key for business growth and that are, in turn, the most difficult to achieve. For more details about what type of conversion Adext AI supports please read: What does Adext AI consider as conversions?

It also requires the ad group campaign to be already approved and registered by the platform you're using (Google or Facebook) and be running previous to the connection to Adext AI, since it can not work with paused Ads. Then select the ad groups/sets you want Adext to manage.

10. And, before moving on to the final confirmation step, it’s time to decide on the running period you want to assign to the Smart Campaign and validate your selection.

Key Considerations That You Should Keep In Mind:

  • The minimum period to run a campaign is 2 days, and the maximum is 30 days. But if you want to truly experiment the extend of what Adext can do we recommend you run your Smart Campaigns for at least 10 days, so Adext has more time to learn, detect, and implement what best works for your ads.
  • Remember that Adext can not start running the same day, so by default, the platform sets the activation date of the experiment as the next day. 
  • Keep in mind the minimum budget for Adext to work is of $20 USD daily and that your ad spend will be charged directly in Google or Facebook. This budget is not paid to Adext, nor is it for Adext. Adext will not use any of this budget for its fees. This is the ad spend you’ll be allocating to the Google and Facebook platforms for any specific ad. 
  • And remember, if your Google and/or AdWords account is not configured to charge the ad spend or media investment in USD, you’ll receive a message that indicates this currency difference. But this really isn’t a problem since the corresponding conversion will be made at the current exchange rate.

11. Once you've reached this step you'll be dealing with the validation of you ads to make sure they can be run by the platform and that every single aspect is as it should.

The platform will read your selection and validate them. Once done, you'll be notified via email.

The Validation Results section will tell you if they are correct or if any incompatibilities where found. If they are Done you'll be able to Submit your Smart Campaign and star running your ads with Adext AI.

12. After you've submitted you ad you'll be allowed to select the option with which you want to run your ads. Either pausing or letting the original ad group you chose to run. Regardless, Adext would have created an unmovable clone of this same ad group or campaign that will continue running with no interference as a control. 

We recommend pausing it if you don't want to continue covering the costs of it on your original platform (Facebook or Google).


It is very important that you go over it carefully since, once the Smart Campaign is activated, making changes or edits directly to the cloned ad groups that will appear on your Google AdWords and/or Facebook Ads accounts may be counterproductive and harm Adext AI's performance.

The reason is that when it manages your experiment, it learns about the ads in your ad group; therefore, if you make edits to your ads or to your ad groups while Adext AI is running them, then (though it will eventually adjust because it’s always learning) you may cause it to perform badly before it learns about the changes you made. 

Furthermore, if you change the configuration of an ad group then it may no longer be compatible with Adext AI, and that Smart Campaign could colapse an be automatically paused. 

Adext constantly learns from your ads and makes decisions based on the insights it gets from your campaigns’ results, so if you make a change or alter one factor, then the learnings gained through the previous elements might not be valid for the new ones. As with any scientific experiment, if you alter one of the variables, the results will not be the same.

If you need to edit an ad group or any of its ads that Adext AI is actively managing, please read carefully this article that contains what you should take into account and the steps you must follow.


Once you’ve accepted your contract, the experiment will be activated within the next few minutes. 

If, for any reason, it cannot be activated, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the corresponding error.

You’ll be able to see the main KPIs of your experiment by directly starting the session on the platform. 


But it doesn’t end there…

When you see your Smart Campaign indicators on the platform, Adext will provide you valuable data that you'll be able to analyze, interpret and turn it into useful insights to improve the creative elements of your campaign (such as copy, slogans, images, etc.).  

In this article, we explain with detail how you can benefit from the AI-Powered findings that Adext will give you, to create more and improved customized ad creative content that will resonate better with your target audience and new potential audiences. 

And yes, personalization does translate into higher conversion rates.


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