If you need to pause a Smart Campaign or Smart Ad Set, go to the Smart Campaigns section and click on the toggle located on the left side of your campaign name, as shown in the next video.

You can also pause several smart campaigns by selecting through the checks, clicking on actions, and selecting the Pause smart campaign button.

However, to reactivate them depends on the status they currently have. For example: canceled, failed, pending, and stopped smart campaigns can not be reactivated, in these cases, you need to launch a new smart campaign from scratch.

But if they are Paused or Finished they can be reactivated very easily.

For Paused Smart campaigns just click on the toggle and that's it! It will be reactivated immediately.

If you need to edit budgets or end dates just click on the edit button after reactivating it and Update it.

For Finished Smart campaigns just click on the toggle and we will take you to the edit screen so you can set up the new budgets and end dates of your smart campaign. We will need to run a compatibility report again just to make sure the clones don't present relevant changes that can affect the performance of the algorithms. If everything remains the same then just click on reactivate and that's it.

If you know that your campaign has had relevant changes in the original campaign or in the clones, then the best option is to launch a new smart campaign from scratch.

If you want to know more about how to edit your ad sets in Explore AI please click here. If what you need is to edit your smart campaigns while they are running with Amplify, please click here, or if want to know how to edit your ads using Watcher click here.

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