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How to Edit your Ads when you using Watcher
How to Edit your Ads when you using Watcher

Learn the details on Watcher and how it works

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If you're already using Watcher, then you probably know that with this Adext feature every change you make in your original campaign on an ad level, within Google or Meta, is updated automatically on Adext.

So, if you want to edit your ad this is what you have to do:

  • Do the changes directly on your original campaign on Google or Meta.

  • The changes you make in your original campaign (OA) will be replicated in Adext’s Smart Ad Sets (SA clones).

  • Watcher will automatically track the change.

What happens if you want to pause OA (your Original Ad Set)?

You can pause OA if you’d like and it won’t affect Watcher’s functionality, since Watcher tracks the changes you make on an ad level only, not on a campaign level.

How does Watcher work?

Adext has 3 components for OA, with 3 status:

  1. Campaign status

  2. Ad Set status

  3. Ad status- Keep this one active for Watcher to work and track changes.

For Watcher to do its job, your Ad status has to be active always. Since Watcher replicates the changes from the ad status of your original campaign (OA).

How can you identify your original campaign (OA) on your Google or Facebook platforms?

You will be able to identify OA by the ID number shown in your advertising platforms. Look for the following ID number shown in the image below, on the Activity Log section, or on your Dashboard section. After you've identified the ID number, go to your Google or Meta ad accounts, and apply the changes to your ad there finding your original campaign with that ID number.

Here's where to find the ID number in your Activity Log:

In your Dashboard you can search for it in your AI Performance results section:

For more information on Watcher, click here.

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