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Everything You Need to Know About Watcher
Everything You Need to Know About Watcher

Discover how to use Watcher, our new time saving feature!

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What does Watcher do?

With Watcher every change you make on your original campaigns and within your advertising platforms on an ad level, will be shown on Adext automatically.

The changes made on an ad level in your original campaign will be updated automatically in your Smart Ad Sets (SA). The changes involve the 2 ad sets Adext works with are OA your original campaign, and SA the clones optimized by the AI.

Receiving Watcher notifications

Adext will show you notifications from Watcher within the platform whenever you make a change on Google or Meta. You can find them by clicking on the Watcher Icon, on the upper right side of your screen.

If you have your ad on Meta or on Google Ads, Adext will identify and notify you that there’s a change in that ad, but it won’t specify if it was an adjustment made on the image, the header and/or the description. If you want to know exactly what the change was, you’ll have to consult it directly on the advertising platform the ad is in.

How do I know if my Smart Campaign has Watcher activated?

If you want to see your Smart Campaigns that are on Watcher you can see them in your Activity Log Section and filter them by level:

  • Smart Campaign

  • Smart Ad Set

  • Ad

  • Demographic

You can also consult by activity type where you’ll have the option of selecting Watcher:

  • Status change

  • Budget editing

  • End date editing

  • Budget allocations

  • Amplify Change

  • CBA

  • Watcher

Once you have filtered them, your Activity Log will show you this screen:

In your Activity Log Section you’ll be also able to see each log and optimization of the AI, which will appear like this:

Read how to Edit when using Watcher here.

For any additional questions about Watcher, please write to us through our chat icon found on our platform.

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