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What are your KPI Top Performers?
What are your KPI Top Performers?

Micro demographics that represent the best performing audiences for your Smart Ad Groups

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A KPI Top Performer is an ad set, that is focused on certain demographics, called a micro demographic, that have the best number on a certain metric. A Smart Ad Set is made of up to 10 audiences with different micro demographics, which will be tried by Adext AI in order to find the KPI Top Performers.

Adext tests run among these different demographics to find the best performing audience for each ad, generating multiple clones of the ad sets and trying them on the previously mentioned micro demographics. Within the same Smart Ad Set, you will find demographics that are top performers.

In our completely new dashboard you will find a new graph where you can review the evolution of your campaign, we have different options to customize the graph such as The Optimization Period, where you can even select up to different periods to compare.

You can select two KPIs related to your main objective to compare.

As we have told you before, you have to focus on different KPIs depending on your main objective. Read this article: Selection and metrics of your AI Performance Results

In the Smart Campaigns Overview you will find three options: In the section of the dashboard titled KPI Top Performers, you will see your best-performing demographics for the KPIs you choose and you can even compare them.

In the Conversion Funnel tab you can follow the performance of each audience according to the point of the funnel that you want to review.

In the Top Demographics tab you will know the performance of each demographic and which one has had the best result according to the KPI’s you choose.

On the right side of this section you can monitor your budget. USD Total Budget presents the total budget assigned to this campaign and USD Spend Budget, as its name says, presents the budget spent in the period.

Below this section you will find three fixed KPIs: Clicks, Impressions and CTR.

Adext has found that audiences, even to a micro demographic level, are dynamic and evolving. That’s one of Adext’s advantages, it finds those micro demographic dynamic audiences for you so that you can use this information or insights and apply them to your creative and strategic efforts to reach the audience you want. Remember Adext AI offers you Artificial Intelligence models that you can use according to your needs and campaigns goals, like:

Phase 1

Explore AI

Our AI will explore through iteration which is the best-performing audience for your ads and optimize your budget accordingly. To do this it will create a clone of your Original Ad Set (OA) which will be shown in your dashboard as Smart Ad Set (SA). This is the first phase that is needed to optimize your campaign, because it is through the exploration process that Adext can pinpoint the best performing audiences, and after it has found them you can move on to using Amplify.

Some costs may increase at this point since the goal is not to improve the results of your KPI’s but to find audiences. Read here about Adext Best Practices.

Phase 2


It boosts your ads further by using different machine learning models exploiting your winning audiences, therefore widening the possibilities. After your audiences have stood out by their performance (In the first phase with Explore AI), you can choose among different Machine Learning models according to your objective and KPI. Each model is designed to help you in different ways and offer more options to optimize your campaigns and ads and improve the results. For more information about this model, read Everything You Need to Know about Amplify here.

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