Since Adext AI will be managing budgets for many different demographics on your behalf, it's important to understand that when you select a total budget in Adext AI that budget is in USD. 

If your ad account is set to a currency other than USD, then Adext AI will still work however there can be a small difference in the amount you specify in Adext AI and the amount ultimately billed to you by Adwords or Facebook. This small difference is due to the currency conversion rate that applies at the time Adext AI manages your budgets, which is at least every hour of every day while Adext AI is working for you.

While the difference is typically small compared to the overall budget you set in Adext AI, the only way to ensure there isn't a difference is to set your Adwords or Facebook account to bill you in USD.

If you cannot or do not want to change your ad account currency then we recommend that you keep track of the amount being spent by Adext AI within your ad account throughout your use of Adext AI.

For reference, Adext AI currently supports exchange between 164 currencies and USD. The exchange rate we use is updated daily.

It’s important to know that while you can stop Adext AI at any time, the money you already paid directly to Google and Facebook Ads (AKA “ad spend”) cannot be refunded by a third party, like Adext AI, so it is your responsibility to understand the impact conversion rate between USD and your currency may have on your overall budget.

If you have any other concerns about currency or budgets, feel free to message us via the chat icon in the lower right portion of your screen.


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