We believe the best audience for any ad is an audience that has the highest conversion rate (leads, sales etc). So in order for Adext AI to find the best audience for your ads we need to first ensure that your ad group/set is already tracking conversions.

Your existing conversions are used in two important ways:

  • Verify that your ad group/set is already configured to receive conversions

  • If you already have some conversions then we use that as a baseline to prove to you that Adext AI is improving your conversion rate

If your ad group/set is new then please test your conversion tracking in your Google or Facebook Ads account a few times (at least once) so that we can verify conversion tracking is working, then select that ad group/set in Adext AI again.

If you have already verified that conversion tracking is working in your ad account but Adext AI doesn't detect those conversions, then please send us a message through the chat icon at the lower right of your screen and we will research and attempt to solve why this is happening in your specific case.

Learn how to setup conversion tracking in Google and Facebook AI:

Visit adext.ai

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