Before making a digital effort, it is advisable to define what your business goals are. To choose the correct campaign goal, it is important that you know what you want to achieve with your campaign.

A campaign goal is what you want people to do when they see your ads. When you create a Smart Campaign, you can select your goal. The objective you select should align with the main thing you want to get out of your campaign, for example, Sales or Website Traffic. Below are the three broad categories that your goals may fall into.


An awareness campaign aims to reach a new audience and remind them of the brand's message. The point is to attract consumers to buy something they do not know and have effective communication, with the goal of achieving lasting and long-term changes in behavior.

KPIs to have on mind: Reach, CTR, Clicks


The main objective of these campaigns is to get people to think about your company and find more information about it. Basically, it is a brand-credibility relationship, and the public begins to identify with it so that they end up choosing it, due to the value it offers for its product or service.

KPIs to have in mind: Clicks, CTR, Conversions (leads, messages), Conversion Rate


Conversion ads encourage potential customers to visit your page after clicking to take any action, be it a page views goal, sales, video views, or another action that helps you build your business online and can get a positive return from that interaction in a short period of time.

KPIs to have in mind: Conversions, Conversion Rate, ROAS

Selecting the correct campaign objective will help you bring your digital efforts to fruition. Campaign objectives evolve as your business grows. With the help of Adext, you can optimize the results of your campaigns by finding the best audiences for each of the campaigns that you connect to the platform.

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