This is a common question for us and we want to explain in detail why our AI is something that shouldn't be compared with Google's or Facebook's. Both AI's are useful and are meant to perform two different things.

Adext doesn’t compete with Facebook but augments the audience selection capabilities of Facebook. Adext is like a layer that goes on top of Facebook’s Machine Learning, focused on micro-segmentation and continuous iteration.

While Facebook’s goal is to improve the performance of a campaign in general, our patent AI works on the audiences to improve Facebook’s Machine Learning, optimizing it and enriching it to achieve a better result, predicting what audiences will convert in the future.

This is achieved with last minute data base, performing 10,000 simulations per AdSet, per hour, per day. Therefore, each clone makes 240,000 daily simulations, using a linear regression model to make the best possible decision with the latest data generated from the campaign, iterating according to the selected conversion goal.

In conclusion, Adext’s AI doesn’t pretend to do Facebook or Google’s job better than they do. That would be an ambitious goal considering both have an important amount of the best talent in the artificial intelligence arena.

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