Amplify allows you to boost your winning audiences taking them to the next level. It uses an artificial intelligence model that according to its characteristics, fits best with your campaign and objective. 

Furthermore, you can specify to our Adext AI which KPI you wish to optimize in order to focus all of the models efforts towards your particular goal. 

To activate Amplify, first your campaign needs to be on an exploration period of at least 2 days to find the best performing audiences. It does this through one of Adext’s Tools: Explore AI Only or Adext AI vs. No AI.  

When you've achieved the Exploration Confidence, the Amplify button will be enabled in your dashboard, in the AI Performance Results section. After this shows on your dashboard, you can choose from 3 different AI models to improve your campaign’s results: Discovery, Jackpot and Challenge. Read more about Amplify models here. 

Reminder: Before amplifying first you have to choose at least 3 different audiences or demographics per Smart Ad Group. If you have CBA ON, you have to select at least 2 Smart Ad Groups with 3 audiences in each one in order to amplify.  

There are 2 ways to Amplify:

1. By Smart Ad group

-Check the demographics you wish to amplify (at least 3 per Smart Ad Group) and click on the Amplify button.

-Once you are on the Amplify screen you have to choose:

a. Pause or not pause clone B (Explore AI vs No AI)

b. The KPI you wish to optimize.

c. Budgets and end dates.

d. The Machine Learning model you want to use.

e. If you want to pause or keep going the other Ad Groups that are on exploration.

-When your Smart Campaign has been amplified you will see in your Amplify Tab only the metrics of the amplified Ad Groups. You can identify them because they will have the Amplify logo.

-If you want to see the historic data of the amplified Ad Groups and of the Ad Groups that are on exploration, consult them in the Explore AI tab.

2. By Audiences 

Mainly it's the same steps as mentioned above, but with the difference that by doing it by Smart Ad Group you choose directly the audiences or demographics you want to amplify. 

This selection of audiences transfers equally to every ad Group of your Smart Campaign. This means, if you have 5 Smart Ad Groups and choose Mobile, Female and 18-24, these 5 will amplify these same audiences. If you add Male, this one will be automatically applied to all your Smart Ad Groups.
Once they are amplified, you can edit whenever you wish. To read about how to Edit in Amplify click here. 

Any questions? Please let us know through our chat icon.

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