Editing in Explore AI Only or Explore AI Vs. No AI 

-If you want to edit the Ad Groups that are using the AI Tool of Explore AI Only or Explore AI Vs. No AI, you can edit in two ways:

-From the Smart Campaigns section, selecting your Smart Campaigns directly checking the boxes clicking on the tab that says "actions" and then "edit budget and/or end date".

-If you want to edit a specific Ad Group, you must select the Smart Campaign where the Ad Groups are and click on the "Smart Ad Groups tab" afterwards, selecting the desired Ad Groups. Only the Ad Groups you selected in the other tab will be loaded up.

-From your dashboard, go directly to the Ad Group rows in the AI Performance Results section and search for the "Edit" button, it will appear using mouseover. 

-Remember that if you are using Explore AI or Explore AI Vs. No AI you can edit smart Campaigns and Ad Groups in bulk, but only if they share the same active or inactive status (stopped and/or finished).

-When editing Smart Ad Groups that have different status group them together first, then select the ones with an active status. Afterwards, select the others with an inactive status (Such as finished, stopped, etc.). To edit inactive Smart Ad Groups Adext AI needs to revalidate them in order to turn them on.

-If you chose to have CBA OFF, you can set the budget to be assigned daily. If you chose CBA ON, you’ll have a Total Budget that will be distributed among every Ad Group. 

-When editing active Smart Campaigns, you’ll be able to consult your total and remaining budget on the top of the Edit screen. After editing just click "Update". Adext doesn’t need to validate any ads or Smart Campaigns since they are already active and haven’t been through any changes. However, with inactive Smart Campaigns you do have to validate them with the "Request Changes" button. They’ll be reviewed in order to confirm there weren’t any significant changes in the initial setting of your campaign. 

Note: Adext AI works with the remainder budget
During exploration, Adext uses only an amount of the assigned budget to explore each audience. When it acquires data from the best performing audiences, it assigns a larger budget to those that perform best, which means that the remainder will be distributed in the following days in order to invest a larger budget on the best audiences.

-When editing inactive Smart Campaigns, Adext does not consider the remnants since your Smart Campaigns are already inactive and resets the remnants to reactivate them. After editing click on "Request changes" to validate that the selected smart ad groups do not have significant changes and ensuring the reactivation is carried out properly.

-If you want to edit a Smart Campaign in Amplify AI please go through this link. 

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