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Why are my Smart Campaigns Not Spending?
Why are my Smart Campaigns Not Spending?
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Adext is an optimizing platform that distributes and manages your budget focusing on the best performing audiences and assigning your budget to show your ads to those audiences. 

This is why when Adext notices that your budget is not being used it cancels or pauses your Smart Campaigns to protect your remaining budget and prevent any error. 


If your campaigns are on Meta, these are the most common reasons why your contract on Adext may not be spending budget. For example, if your Meta ad is not running, it could be because:

  1. The Ad, Ad Set, or campaign is set as Inactive or paused. 

  2. The Ad is pending approval, Ad revision is required, or your Ad was rejected.

  3. Your audience is still loading.

  4. You have too many Ads.

  5. Your bidding and/or Ad Set budget is too low.

  6. You have a low relevance Meta score.

  7. You edited your ads too many times.

  8. There’s a data lag in your ads, meaning the results are delayed.

  9. Your audience is too wide; too narrow or is overlapping.

  10. Your budget is too small.

  11. You have reached your spending limit.

  12. Your billing failed.

  13. You got zero clicks on your Ad, turning it into a throttled Ad.

  14. Your Ad is scheduled for some time in the future.

If your Ad is running, but not spending

In case nothing of the checklist above includes with your situation, and your campaign is active but not spending, maybe your campaign is having issues because your ad is not competitive in the auction or there aren't enough results available in your target audience. 

When this happens, Meta stops delivering the ads or can’t deliver them consistently.You can try adjusting your bid strategy, targeting and/or ad creative. 

More on that subject or how to fix these problems here: 


If your campaigns are on Google Ads, there could be several reasons why your contract on Adext may not be spending budget. 

Your Ad is not running

If your ad does not appear in Google, then it’s also not spending. Here’s a list of performance issues in Google that will stop your ad from showing: 

1.Paused status or ads that are not approved.
2.Disapproved or negative keywords.
3.Low search volume (no demand for your keyword or topic)
4.Keyword bids exceed daily budget.
5.Keywords don’t attract impressions or clicks.
6.Poor ad scheduling.
7.Negative bid adjustments.
8.Billing information issue.
9.Small geographic targeting.
10.Keywords may be too restrictive.

Your Ad is running, but not spending

If your ad is running, but not spending follow these steps provided by the Google support community:

1.Check the Ads account and make sure that you have enough balance in your account (consider your daily budget).

2.Review the position of your ads and see if there’s any changes.

3.Make sure that you’re not losing impressions due to a low Ad Rank or because of the budget of your campaigns.

4.Analyze if your bidding is competitive regarding your keywords and that the keywords you chose have good quality scores.

To avoid a depleted daily budget that would result in your ads not showing, Google recommends you try the following:

  1. Lower your bids in campaigns that are "limited by budget".

  2. Let Google Ads automatically bid for you.

  3. Change your delivery method from "Accelerated" to "Standard".

  4. Use your campaign's recommended budget as calculated by Google.

You can read more about how Google works with campaign budgets here:


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