Editing in Amplify 

-If you want to edit one Ad Group that’s already amplified, for the time being you can only edit them directly in your dashboard, clicking on the "Edit" button next to the upper tabs of Amplify and Explore

-In case your Ad Groups are already amplified, you’ll see the Amplify tab first where you can pause Clone B if you are using Explore AI vs. No AI, and you’ll be able to edit the KPI you chose to change it. However, we don’t recommend that you change the KPI you originally selected because all the learning gathered is based on that KPI. 

-If you want to switch between CBA ON and OFF and you are using AI vs. No AI, (Pausing B) we have to transfer you to Explore AI Only, since the comparative logics will be affected and we would have to reset. If you don't want to be transferred to Explore AI Only, you have to create a new campaign with the desired setting.  If you are using Explore AI Only then you can do the switch easily, just selecting it.

-You can also choose if you want to consider the remainders of the budget or not. In case you have Smart Ad Groups you want to pause you can do it from edit.

Note: Adext AI works with the remainder budget
During exploration, Adext uses only an amount of the assigned budget to explore each audience. When it acquires data of the best performing audiences, it assigns a larger budget to those that perform best, which means the remainders are distributed during the following days to invest a larger budget on the best audiences.

-You’ll be able to turn your clones ON or OFF, but you need to have at least 3 clones turned ON to activate Amplify

-If you see the icon (yellow I)  in your Ad Groups, it means the selected items have inactive statuses and if Adext finds changes in them, it will create new clones to activate them. 

-If you want to hide your clone section just click the "hide" button. 

Turning Ad Groups On or Off and moving them from AI Tool

-On the bottom part of the edit section you’ll see a bar with the Ad Groups that are on Explore and that you’ll be able to turn them off or on too. If you want to move one of those Ad Groups that are on Explore to Amplify click on the toggle. In case you do this, you’ll go through the first Amplify section once again so you can choose your KPI. 

-If you want to pause an Ad Group on Amplify use the toggle to disable it, click on save changes and then publish changes. 

-In case you want to consult all the information of your Smart Campaign you’ll find it on the column on the right, as well as a Smart Ad Groups section where you’ll have everything broken down. On the bottom you’ll be able to consult everything regarding Explore AI.  

-If you decide to edit your Ad Groups by audience all of your Smart Ad Groups will be assigned the characteristic you are selecting. If you are editing by individuals, you customize the characteristics according to your liking.

-If your Smart Ad Group appears in yellow is because you don’t have enough budget. 

-If you want to edit your Ad Groups that have been amplified and move them to Explore you can do this clicking on the Amplify tab and activating the Explore toggle on the amplified ones.

-If what you want to do is to edit a Smart Campaign that has not been amplified yet, please check this link.

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