Adext AI clones the ad group(s) you select in order to manage separate budgets. If you directly edit these Ad Groups/Ad Sets, Adext AI may fail or even worse, perform poorly which leads to wasting your ad spend.

Your Smart Campaign could be cancelled because of several situations, here’s a list of reasons to help you identify why:

  1. Due to changes in the data created

  2. Because the Campaigns were deleted on your account. 

  3. Due to changes in the campaign status, Adext can’t enable them. 

  4. Because you deleted the Ad Groups/Sets on the platform. 

  5. Because you changed the Ad Groups/Sets status, Adext can't enable them. 

  6. Because the ads were deleted on the platform. 

  7. Because you changed the Ads status, Adext can't enable them. 

  8. Because the credentials were disabled. 

  9. Due to Error Prevention if your Contract doesn’t show spending.

  10. Because you ran out of budget. 

  11. Because we lost the access to your account.

  12. Because we’ve lost the connection to the Advertising Platform (Meta/Google).

Find out how to solve these issues reading “What to do if I need to edit an Ad Group/Set while Adext AI is managing it” in this article.

You can also contact us through our chat for help.

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