To achieve a conversion uplift of more than 100%, Adext AI has 2 modalities.

1. A/B Try Out 

With this modality you’ll see in your dashboard 3 players called A, B and C.  

A: Your original campaign, which you can turn on or off. 

B: An identical clone of your campaign created by Adext AI, which will run without AI and will compare Adext’s results VS without Adext AI optimization. 

C: Your campaign optimized by Adext AI, its clones will constantly search for the top performance demographics to help you find new audiences or a more accurate target for next campaigns. Here, the assigned budget is divided in two: half for C and half for B, so you may compare both.

2. Adext AI Uplifted  

The selected campaign is administered 100% by Adext AI (just C). Adext will optimize your budget identifying which is the best performing ad and assigning most of your budget to this “winner ad”. 

Since the whole budget is assigned fully to Adext’s clones, your campaign can enjoy 100% all of Adext’s potential for its optimization, especially if you follow our Best Practices.

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