A KPI Top Performer is an ad group that is focused on certain demographics, called a micro demographic. A Smart Ad Group is made up of 10 ad groups with different micro demographics, which will be tried by Adext AI in order to find the KPI Top Performers.

Adext tests run among these different demographics to find the best performing audience for each ad, generating multiple clones of the ad groups/sets and trying them on the previously mentioned micro demographics.

Within a same Smart Ad Group, you will find demographics that are top performers. In the section of the dashboard titled KPI Top Performers you will see your best performing demographics for each KPI called Adext Champions, these include the following crown icon: 

You will know the performance of each demographic and which one has had the best result according to its KPI’s.

Adext has found that audiences, even to a micro demographic level, are dynamic and evolving. That’s one of Adext’s advantages, it finds those micro demographic dynamic audiences for you so that you can use this information or insights and apply them to your creative and strategic efforts to reach the audience you want.

On the other hand, if you wanted to find this audience yourself, you would have to monitor each of these audiences for 24 hours, every hour wasting unnecessarily time and resources. Adext finds it for you, so you know who these audiences are with accurate precision, and, what is the KPI that performs best, this way you can plan your ads and campaigns.

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