Here is our Best Practices list so you can get the most out of Adext AI and obtain results fast:


Before you invest on digital marketing campaigns for Facebook and Google, it’s advisable that you perform a web analytics audit on your website. Verify that you have data tracking tools installed on each page of your site (such as Google Analytics).  


Once you have an accurate RMS (Results Measurement System), set up the attribution model that relates to your business model. We recommend a first click attribution model.

First click will give you an idea of which channels are the ones that you can ascribe that first point of contact to, and, thus, make your digital media investment more efficient. Another attribution model that is recommended is Position Base, which distributes 100% of a conversion total to the different points of contact the final user used to get to the website and perform the desired action.


Choose the right conversion. It’s recommended that you configure your Facebook and Google Ads campaigns to a standard conversion model, not a personalized one. The standard model is the one found by default on the platform. It’s best to do this so you may avoid configuration errors.


Use campaigns that have a history of at least 3 months. This is because Google has an attribution conversion window of up to 90 days and Analytics for up to 180. When you have a 90 days window you can see the potential of a campaign or an account. To do this, follow the next steps:

a. Within the left display menu select campaigns

b. On the date selector choose the last 90 days

c. Click on the conversions column to set it from higher to lower

d. View the 5 campaigns with the best results and afterwards connect these campaigns with Adext’s Artificial Intelligence (if it meets the temporality of your brand strategy or product)

e. Do an analysis to know how much budget these campaigns have spent a month during the past 90 days. This number will give you an idea of the ideal budget you’ll need to set up for ADEXT AI.


To make the most of Adext AI, we recommend before you begin to configure everything in your Facebook and Google Ads platform correctly. With a proper configuration, Adext’s artificial intelligence will be able to make use of all the data that already exists within the campaigns.


Make all the necessary optimizations before you connect Adext AI. Even if it’s just for a point of comparison or to maximize results. It’s advisable that your inner team of people gives their best effort regarding campaign optimization, this way you will be able to compare the best a human can do, with the power of an artificial intelligence system. 

On the other hand, consider that once your campaigns are connected to Adext AI, you won’t be able to modify or manually intervene in the new campaigns created by Adext.

If you are an e-Commerce, verify that you have the necessary inventory or that the campaign is not of any particular launch, this way your initial test with Adext AI can last 10 days without the changing campaign.


Compare accurately and review the results. We call the results tests A, B and C. A is your campaign, B is an identical clone of your original campaign but won’t be optimized with AI. Test C is the combination of all the micro audiences run individually with Adext’s AI, in order to make comparisons.


Adext AI needs 40 dollars a day, which are divided into two. 50% is assigned to a campaign that will never be optimized (and which will be the one you can compare Adext efficiency to, “B”). And the other 50% is assigned to campaigns that will continue to be optimized with artificial intelligence (“C”). This way, you can rest assured that the campaign you connect (“A”) won’t be modified. 

It’s best to assign 300 dollars a day because that’s the amount that comes close to 10 thousand dollars a month, which is what we are aiming for. 


We advise you to do 3 periods of 10 days for each campaign you want to connect (from your top 5). The first is related to learning, the second to stabilization and the third to result maximization. 

Is there an ideal pre-configuration?

The pre-configuration depends on your objectives. For example, if you have an e-Commerce campaign and your pre-configuration demands a data layer, it will definitely give you an idea of metrics such as ROAS or ROI. Do an analysis audit before, and if you agree with the results of such audit, Adext can begin from there.

Adext also offers a service for High Potential customers called Top Analysis Adset and is free of charge. You can ask for it if your digital media monthly investment is more than 50,000 USD (whether is on Facebook Ads or Google Ads).

If you are a High Potential customer, Adext will provide consultancy for 1 hour without cost. The people who will be advising you, have over 10 years of experience in digital media and several certifications on the subject.You will have the certainty that our recommendations, regardless of Adext’s process, will be useful to you and have a positive impact on your campaign. You may even connect some campaigns as a test so you can evaluate our service. 

Just tell us the campaign you want to connect, give us your ID and access and we’ll perform the analysis in order to recommend which campaigns have better potential with Adext and will increase your sales. 

Not sure what campaign to connect or how to apply these practices? Contact us through our chat


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