For editing an active or incomplete Smart Ad Group please follow the next steps.

First, select at least one of the Smart Campaigns where these Smart Ad Groups are found. 

Go to your Smart Campaigns dashboard, click on the Smart Ad groups tab, select the ones you wish to edit and click on the upper tab that says “Actions”

Click on the “Edit Budget” or “End Date” column, which will redirect you to the following edit screen. Here you can select your Smart Ad Groups one by one or edit all of them together. The update button will be available once the changes are recorded. Once you click on it, we’ll send you a confirmation.

For those of you who have an inactive status on your Smart Ad Groups and wish to edit them follow these steps.

First select the inactive groups you wish to edit. 

Click on the “Edit Budget” or “End Date” column, which will redirect you to the following edit screen. Once you edit your Smart Ad Groups the Request Changes button will be available.

In this case, a review will be needed since we have to check there weren’t any significant changes in any of your Ad Groups. If there were, we won’t be able to reactivate them and you will have to relaunch your campaigns.

Afterwards, you will go through a Compatibility Report.

If everything is OK just click on Submit. Later on, you will see a confirmation screen.

If we find any significant changes, then you will receive this POP UP, letting you know that you need to relaunch a new Smart Campaign.

In this same dashboard you will be able to find a “Stop Smart Ad Groups” option on the Smart Ads "Action" upper Tab.

On the Smart Campaign dashboard, in the “Actions” tab you will find the one that says "Stop Smart Campaign".

If you try to edit a Smart Ad Groups with an active or inactive status, you'll see the following POP UP, letting you know that to be able to edit you have to select Smart Ads with the same status. 

This screen will show you your dashboard. Here you will be able to see all the actions of your Smart Campaigns.   

Plus, now you will be able to select a date for consulting specific periods of your Smart Campaigns and your Smart Ads.

If you have any questions or information, please contact us through our chat or at


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