We have re-designed the setup Wizard to improve your experience with our platform and help you launch your campaigns faster and better.

These are the sections we re-designed:

     1. Step Bar

You will find a new bar at the top of the screen that will let you know in what step you are in the process and how far along are you.

    2. Type of Campaign 

You can now decide what type of campaign you are going to run from the beginning. This will allow you to select if you want to keep your original ads running or if you want to pause them, as well as allow you to calculate your ad spend better. 

      3. Compatibility Report Improvements

There were several improvements made in the Compatibility Report section to help you update and change your ad groups/ sets that work with the Adext AI Smart Campaign.

First, a Refresh Button was added so you can check when the report is done. 

Second, for those who are having Compatibility Issues we created a pop up explaining how you can fix them

Third, we added a new design for the Submit Adext AI Smart Campaign Button and made the display and interaction of the Compatibility Report section more user friendly.

If you have any questions or comments about these improvements please contact us at this link https://help.adext.ai/ or through our chat.

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