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What does the New Meta Conversions Feature do and how to set it up
What does the New Meta Conversions Feature do and how to set it up
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Now you can consult and select which conversions from Meta are considered for your total conversion number with the new Adext AI Conversions Feature.

You may have encountered a problem in the past with your conversions on Meta ads since sometimes they might not match. This is because Adext AI uses different types of conversions for its machine learning models and, in some cases your conversions reported might not match your primary ones. 

To set up this new Feature open your AI Performance Results section and go to Conversions, then click on the button that says Choose Conversions.

A filter menu will be displayed so you can select the conversions you want to be shown in your total conversion number. The selection you make will be the one that remains by default.

That’s all! Now you can sit back and enjoy the results.

Remember that you can always review which conversions appear on your total conversion number in both hover columns allowing you to see all the other conversions and identify specifically where each of the conversions are coming from.

If you don't have any custom conversions configured directly on your Meta platform, this option will be disabled for your Adext Smart Ad Groups.

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