Here’s what you need to know about our improvements and the spotlights you’ll find in this latest release.


  • Upgraded mobile layout with more readable screens and a better intuitive process for an overall improved user experience.
  • Added exception management and state machine control the clone process for AdWords Shopping process and verification of the function of each event in the correct moment, even when the clone process fails.
  • New daily budget and total budget columns for each Ad group/set in the Smart Campaigns launched, and budget columns on contract details.
  • Advanced stop endpoint to pause and stop the permissions transition on Smart Campaigns.


  • Added compatibility errors like an unsupported campaign with no ad groups/sets, problems with the TOS in the Facebook Business Tools and ad-less Ad group/sets.
  • Improvement of the Validation Progress section to more easily convey the function of the section in revising the compatibility of the connected Ad groups/sets with Adext AI.
  • Correction of the currency conversion from original campaigns into the platform.
  • New error message in the error popup when a user validates his account with an old link from the received validation emails.


  • Display of the appropriate error message after connecting to an incorrect Ads account.
  • Saving of all the exceptions and notification on the Facebook clone process.
  • Fixed error Facebook validations due to API change in the Facebook Business Manager platform.
  • Correction of the displayed message when entering unregistered credentials.
  • “New Smart Campaign” button correct redirection to “Name Smart Campaign” step.

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