In Progress: this status tells us that this job is still going through the validation process, therefore in the status section you can only see an image and message that we are working on it. 

Done with Errors: this status indicates that this job was already validated but, unfortunately, one or several validation errors were detected. When this happens, the section will be divided into two parts, the Settings section and the Validation Results one. 


In this section you will notice the "Submit Smart Campaign" button has disabled and will only be enabled once there are no validation errors, then you can continue with the launching of your Smart Campaign. 

In this section you can quickly see all the data of the Smart Campaign that you want to launch. First you’ll find the status bar of the job, which will tell you if you are ready to launch it or if you still have any error you need to correct, then you will see the "Optimization period" section, which will allow you to change the number of days or the start date for your Smart Campaign, this will be followed by the "Daily Budget" section, where you can see the calculation of your daily budget depending on the number of ad groups/sets you have selected and the number of days you’ve chosen for your Smart Campaign to run; finally, at the end of the Settings section, you will be able to see the general data of the selection you previously made in the set up process.

If a Warning message appears in your “Daily Budget” screen on the daily Budget section, it means that the budget you assigned on your platforms is not enough to reach the minimum budget Adext requires for the number of ad groups/sets you have selected. This means you can either:

  • Delete ad groups/sets from your selection and leave the ones you are most interested in trying with AI.
  • Decrease the number of days of the optimization period until the budget you have at your disposal complies with the minimum required by Adext.
  • Increase the budget by editing it in the ad groups/sets tab in the Budget column so that it meets the minimum required.

It is necessary to comply with the minimum budget to avoid that, on your platforms, you end up spending more budget than what you initially had in mind.

Validation Results:

In this section you’ll be able to consult a table with all the necessary elements of interaction for you to clearly evaluate and validate the information of any of the elements of your initial selection.

The table is divided into 3 tabs. The first one is the “Campaign” section, where you can see the campaigns you’ve selected and, if applicable, the ones with validation errors at both, and account and a campaign level. In this table you can see the name of the campaign you selected, the number of errors, and the actual error messages in validation so you can correct them directly on your platforms (Facebook and/or Google Ads).

In the second tab you can see ad groups/sets that you selected and in addition to the columns with the number of errors, in this tab we have the Budget column where you will clearly see the budget that you have assigned in your platforms to each one of them. If, for any reason, you want or need to edit the original budget you assigned in any of them, you’ll just have to click on the Budget column and edit it, once you finished the editing, click enter to save the edition. 

At last but not least you’ll find the Ads tab where you can see the error messages that describe what went wrong, so you can decide if you’d like to correct them or if you’d rather delete some of them.

To validate the elements that you have already corrected again, you can click on the validation icon right at the beginning of each row or, if it is easier for you, you can correct them all and delete those that you do not need, and finally select them all and validate them together.

Done: once your selection has been validated and does not show any validation error in any of the tabs mentioned above, your job will change to Done. In this status you can see that the Submit Smart Campaign button is already enabled in green and that everything is ready for you to finally launch your Smart Campaign. It is very important that you give a quick corroboration to all the data before clicking on submit, so you can be sure that there will be no more problems with your Smart Campaign later on.

Submitted: this status shows the Jobs that have already been launched. At the moment, it’s only informative and the Jobs that have already been launched will not be able to be relaunched here.


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