This section was designed for you to easily consult all the information and details related to your Smart Campaign before launching it. That means we will notify you if we find validation errors in your accounts, campaigns, ad groups/sets or ads, you will also see the budgets you have assigned to ad groups/sets and if it is enough to run simulations for them with Adext A.

This is a two-part section that consists of: A the list of all the Smart Campaigns that you have sent into validation. They are referred to as Jobs because, at this point they have yet to be released, so they technically cannot be considered as a Smart Campaign in full. In this section you can see their status, the platform and account they belong to, the number of ad groups/sets imported in each job, and the date they were created.

Once you clicked on any of them, the section below will change depending on the status and information of each one of them.

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