You can select one, several or all the ad groups/sets of your campaign, but when doing so you need to take into consideration the minimum daily budget required per ad group by Adext AI and make sure that they share the same optimization period as previously mentioned.

First you must select the platform (Google or Facebook Ads) you wish to connect to Adext AI, followed by the ad account you’ll be using, then the campaign you want us to manage, and finally the ad groups/sets that you’d like to Adext AI to work with, run simulations and constantly optimize for you.

The interface has a search bar to facilitate the task of finding your ad groups/sets. You can use the check or uncheck all buttons, and in the right corner below the search bar you’ll be able to see how many ad groups/sets you have selected so far, therefore having better control over the selection process.

For more information on this subject, please consult our article How to Edit your Smart Ad Groups.


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