Adext AI will supports advertising campaigns in which we can control audiences through the API (Application Programming Interface), provided by Google Ads and Meta Ads.

For Meta we support all types of campaigns. In some types of ads that are unique and specific for mobile, our logic is to not clone one of the audiences from our matrix (Desktop), everything else is supported.

Note: Today, Meta Ads has limited audience segmentation in the United States of America, for employment, credit and real estate categories, hence if you are in this category, we can’t use Adext in the United States. In other nations this element is unlimited until further notice. Adext is working on alternative solutions for users that face these limitations.

In Google Ads case, we support Search, Display and Search-Display. Shopping has limitations from the audience Universe; therefore, we can only use the Desktop and mobile variable for now. We don’t support Universal App, since the API and business logic of Google Ads doesn’t allow audience segmentation. It’s important to highlight that, independently from the campaign support we offer, if the status of the ads is paused, in review, archived or empty, they cannot be cloned.


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