Adext AI supports the following demographics directly and in some combination:

  • Ages: 18-65

  • Gender: Male, Female

  • Devices: Desktop, Mobile

Adext AI learns from your ad accounts to find new target audiences and manages for Starters, the top 4 performing audiences. For marketers that want to go further Venture and Core Plans have 6 additional demographics to explore.

This is what Adext AI does:

It clones your ad group in your ad account(s) so that it can manage up to 10 distinct types of budgets.

Since the entire goal of Adext AI is to find the best audience for any ad, it does this by automatically setting exploratory budgets for up to 10 different demographics.

When it finds a demographic that performs well (converts more), it starts to exploit those demographics by assigning more budget to them and less budget to lower converting demographics.

This process is dynamic, meaning an audience segment that converts the best this afternoon for a given ad, might not be the same segment that converts the best tomorrow morning, so Adext AI is adapting to always find the best audience segments for your ads.


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