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Why should the ads in my ad group have a similar theme?
Why should the ads in my ad group have a similar theme?

Ensuring the ads in an ad group have a similar theme will ensure optimal performance.

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Google and Meta Ads allow you to group ads into ad groups (called ad sets in FB) and while you can technically stick as many different ads as you want in them, it's important to understand that the ads in an ad group should have a similar theme.

Adext AI could technically work with an ad group that targets different themes but it won't be as efficient as if the ad group was focusing on a single theme. Here's an an example of a theme'd ad group:


  • Potato chips

  • Pita chips

  • Peanuts

  • Mixed nuts

You could make a snacks ad group like above but it would be even better to make two ad groups from the example, one for chips and one for nuts. Even better consider constructing ad groups for specific audiences, so a group of chip ads that would be appealing to a younger audience versus a group of nut ads for an older audience.

Again, Adext AI will still work with mixed-theme ad groups but if you really want to work to achieve the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate with Adext AI, consider creating ad groups based on themes.


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