Google and Meta Ads refer to and handle conversions in different ways. While Google keeps it pretty simple and refers to them as conversions, Meta has a list of action types and only some of them are actually conversions.

Since Adext AI doesn't consider everything as a conversion, you may sometimes see more "conversions" in your account than in Adext AI. This is because we want it to optimize toward only the conversions that matter (which are the hardest kind of conversions to achieve).

So for reference, this is what Adext AI considers as conversions:

  • Conversions - Google has a single field that is focused only on important conversions and Adext AI aligns with their definition

Meta Ads

Only the following Meta action types are considered by Adext AI to be conversions.

  • app_install: App Installs

  • commerce_event.purchase: Commerce Purchases

  • leadgen.other: Leads (Form)

  • offsite_conversion.checkout: Checkouts

  • offsite_conversion.custom.<custom_conv_id>: Custom Conversions defined by the advertiser

  • offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_complete_registration: Completed Registration

  • offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_custom: Custom pixel events defined by the advertiser

  • offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_lead: Leads

  • offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_purchase: Purchases

  • offsite_conversion.lead: Leads

  • offsite_conversion.other: Other Website Conversions

  • offsite_conversion.registration: Registrations

  • onsite_conversion.purchase: On-Meta Purchases


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