IMPORTANT: Adext AI will clone the ad group(s) you selected in order to manage separate budgets, it is very important that you do not directly edit these ad groups otherwise Adext AI may fail or worse, perform poorly which will waste your ad spend. 

Since Adext AI uses your own ad accounts to manage your ad groups, you'll have the ability to edit your ads at any time. It's important to understand that if you do that, you could negatively impact your ad group's performance and some changes may alter your Smart Campaigns.

The reason is because as Adext AI manages your Smart Campaigns, it learns about the ads in your ad group, if you make edits to your ads or to your ad groups while Adext AI is running then it will eventually adjust (because it always learning). But you may cause it to perform badly before it learns about the changes you made. Plus, if you change the configuration of an ad group then it may no longer be compatible with Adext AI and the Smart Campaigns will be cancelled.

Adext AI constantly learns from your ads and takes decisions based on the insights it gets from your campaigns’ results, so if you make a change or alter one factor, then the learnings gained with the previous elements might not be valid for the new ones. As with any scientific experiment, if you alter one of the variables, the results will not be the same.

To avoid inaccurate predictions based on previous elements (i.e. images, copy, etc.) being replaced by new ones, we recommend first stopping that Adext AI Smart Campaign, then making the changes to your ad group/ads, and finally, creating a new Smart Campaign in Adext AI for that specific ad group, so that it restarts and successfully learns and makes accurate predictions with the new elements.

To be clear, you can still edit any of your ads or ad groups that Adext AI is not managing but you shouldn't edit any that Adext AI is managing.

What to do if you need to edit an ad group or any of its ads that Adext AI is actively managing

If you want to make a minor change like fixing a typo in your ad then go ahead and do that, Adext AI usually isn't affected by such small changes. However, if you want to make a major change like add a new ad, or completely change 1 or more of your ads or make major changes to the ad group's configuration then consider doing the following to ensure the best performance:

  1. Before making the change, stop that Adext AI campaign (you only need to stop the Smart Campaign for the ad group you're changing)
  2. Make the changes to your ad group/ads sets
  3. Create a new Smart Campaign in Adext AI for that ad group

Following this process will ensure that Adext AI learns from the changes and ensure a better performance.


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