We understand that every advertiser and agency is going through its own unique journey to leverage next generation ad tech AI to increase Advertising Return on Investment (AD ROI). Along the way, this journey will naturally create some questions and concerns regarding the use of your advertising data. We want this journey to be successful for you, so the following was written to answer those questions and hopefully ease any concerns you may have while using Adext AI.


Any of the data you share with Adext AI is not shared with 3rd parties. 

Adext AI does not store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on your visitors, leads, clients, purchasers etc. Your advertising data is only used to train Adext AI so that it can continuously match the best audience to any of your ads.

What advertising data is used by Adext AI?

When you authorize one of your advertising accounts, the following types of data are accessed and parts of it may be stored to train Adext AI:

  • Ad account data

  • Campaign data

  • Ad group/set data

  • Ad data

  • Conversion rates on the above

How is your advertising data used by Adext AI?

Adext AI uses your advertising data for a few reasons:

  • To allow you to select the ad group(s) you want managed

  • To clone the selected ad group in order to manage your audience budgets for you

  • To learn how potential audiences have interacted with your ads in the past

  • To improve its optimization of your ad conversion rates every hour

Does Transfer Learning share my advertising data with other Adext AI users?

Certainly not. Adext AI utilizes a process called Transfer Learning and while this may sound like other Adext AI users might have access to your advertising data, that is not what happens. 

While it continuously learns how to optimize your audience budgets toward higher conversion rates, its decisions may be influenced by the decisions it takes for other user's audience budgets. So while none of your advertising data is shared with other users, everyone that uses Adext AI receives a benefit from the Transfer Learning that occurs. Which in a way magnifies your data so that it can take better decisions for you every hour.

Transfer Learning is win win-- win win win... for all Adext AI users without exposing valuable advertising data to anyone else.

What if I have other questions on how Adext AI uses my data?

As we said at the top, we know everyone is on their own journey to figure out next generation ad tech AI, so feel free to click that little chat icon in the lower-right of your screen and ask away!


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