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You add your ad account, defining how much budget you want Adext AI to manage and choosing an ad group. It learns from your ad activity to manage up to 10 distinct budgets for the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate. You pay for your ads directly to Adwords and/or Facebook and you only pay a fee to us when your ad group performs.

You're now using next generation ad tech AI in your own ad account in about 5 minutes.

Going deeper:

  1. You associate your Adwords and/or Facebook account with Adext AI
  2. You tell Adext AI how much budget you want to spend for one of the ad groups in your Adwords and/or Facebook account
  3. Adext AI learns from your ad activity from your ad account and establishes your prior average conversion rate as a baseline for the ad group you selected
  4. Adext AI clones that ad group (according to known Ad Configuration Limitations) in your ad account(s) so that it can manage up to 10 distinct types of budgets (cloned ad groups will be appear in your ad account like 'adext-[original name of your ad group]...')
  5. Adext AI intelligently manages those distinct budgets every day across Adwords and/or Facebook, optimizing for the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate (HSCR)
  6. You monitor a dashboard showing a log of when budgets were set by demographic and a primary performance metric, conversion rate over time
  7. You pay your advertising cost fees directly to Adwords or Facebook (we only manage the budgets for you in your account)

The entire goal of Adext AI is to find the best audience for any ad. It does this by automatically setting exploratory budgets for up to 10 different audience segments and when it finds a segment that performs well (converts more), it starts to exploit those segments by assigning more budget to them and less budget to lower converting segments.

This process is dynamic, meaning an audience segment that converts the best this afternoon for a given ad, might not be the same segment that converts the best tomorrow morning, so Adext AI is adapting every hour; always looking for the best audience segments for your ads.

Intelligent Ad Optimization at Scale

Adext AI manages up to 10 audience segments every hour which equates to potentially 240 budget updates per day for each of your ad groups. Ir is able to perform each of those updates intelligently by learning not only from each of your ads but from every other ad managed by Adext AI through a method called Transfer Learning.

Learn more: How Adext AI Uses Your Advertising Data

Adext AI intelligently knows when it should be exploring more (to ensure it's not missing out on a winning combination of segments) and when it's certain it should be exploiting more (assigning more budget to performing segments) and it continuously adjusts its explore/exploit mix to achieve the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate (HSCR) for every ad group it manages.


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