Recently our billing module was launched. From now on when you sign up to Adext AI you will receive a notification in your email asking you to select an Adext AI plan, according to your monthly ad spend, and to save a payment method.  

It's very important you remember that you will remain on your FREE TRIAL and will continue this way until one of your Smart Campaigns has a conversion uplift. After this happens and only after this point will you be charged for the plan you select. We are confident about Adext AI efficiency and want you to see it works before you pay. 

Our plans range from $777 USD up to $3,900 USD. Remember, you only pay after Adext AI increases your conversions! After that, your payment and plan subscription will be activated, and your account will be known as an Adext AI Uplifted Account.

With and Adext AI Uplifted Account you’ll run your ad set/groups 100% with Adext AI. Before this point, you had an A/B Try Out that ran on a 50-50 test: one with your original ad groups and one with Adext AI ad groups. Adext will stop this when you have an AI Uplifted Account and just run the Adext AI clones, so you’ll have more budget on the ad set/groups that performed better and you can achieve better results!

Please contact us at this link or through our chat if you have any questions or comments.

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