Yes. Unlike the ad groups/sets managed in a traditional way, where we can assign just $1 USD as your budget, AI needs a bit more of a leeway, as works in a very different manner. 

You will be able to clearly see how Adext AI will creates two clones of your original campaign on your platforms one that will not change and one that will be optimized. What happens is that the first copy will be a carbon copy clone of the original ad group/set that you connected that will run in a traditional schedule, managed by Google or Facebook. Thus, becoming the perfect comparison point against the ad group/set the clone that Adext AI will create where it will run simulations and experiments for each demographic. 

The purpose of all this is to have campaigns that will be competing in equal circumstances, so you will see the advantages and differences of running your campaigns using true AI in the performance of your ad groups/sets. In addition to these, you will be asked if you want to keep running actual original ads campaign, if you do so that one would be completely independent and therefore not contemplated in Adext’s original budget estimate. This means you’d be paying the investment of that one as you’d prefer, you could increase or decrease your budget and apply changes to your audience there.

Now, for Adext to adequately run and manage the copies and the clones to the original ad the artificial intelligence software needs a minimum budget of $40.00 USD per day for each one of the ad groups/sets you’d like Adext to manage. This would be divided in $20.00 USD for the copy of your original ad set that would be managed traditionally and $20.00 USD for the one that would be managed by Adext.

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