While the main platform of Adext AI is in Open Beta, it will not be charging any fees for its use. Regardless, you do need a minimum investment on your monthly Ad Spend to be able to use the tool.

You can launch your campaigns with Adext AI with a daily budget of $40 USD in every ad set you're launching with Adext AI and taking into account these will be the budget the tool with be working with its iterations. 

The budget to keep running your original Ad Set would be accounted for directly in the platform you're using for said digital campaigns and paid there. You can instantly pause your original Ad Set in the Adext AI platform when you launch your experiment though.

Still, neither of your Ad Spend budgets (the one Adext will be working with and the one for your original campaign) will be collected by Adext AI. They will both be directly charged to your ads account in the platforms you're already using for your digital Advertising (Adext can be connected to either your Facebook or Google Ads Account). 

On the other hand, we do have an enterprise service platform that charges a fee which differs depending on your Ad Spend and starts at  $6,000 USD monthly. 

The enterprise service is only available for companies with a monthly Ad Spend of over $50,000 USD and its main advantages include the possibility to simultaneously launch an unlimited number Adext AI Smart Contracts, a tailored performance dashboard, exclusive partner content and, a dedicated Adext AI representative to help you out with any bumps in the road you may find.

Finally, we can not stress enough that even in the enterprise solution:

Adext does not collect any of your advertising spend. 

You'll pay any advertising spend directly to your advertising account platform (e.g. Google and Facebook). When you select an advertising spend budget in Adext AI, that budget will be intelligently managed within your advertising account but that spend is paid by you via the payment method you defined in your advertising account platform (e.g. Google and Facebook).

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